Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Gannet Red   4 13 221
   Motutara Blue   4 9 340
   Oaia White   4 9 300
   Woodhill Black   4 9 350
   Gannet Red   4 13 221
   Motutara Blue   4 9 340
   Oaia White   4 11 300

Signature Homes West & North-West Auckland

Hi, we're Dean and Amanda Pritchard, proud owners of Signature Homes West & North-West Auckland. We've personally been involved in the creation of beautiful new homes for New Zealanders for over 20 years, and we really look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and help you bring your brand new Signature Home to life.

Licenced Building Practitioner Dean Pritchard is a trade certified Builder and Project Manager with a passion for design and over 20 years practical experience in the trade. Prior to joining Signature Homes, Dean's building career mainly centered around the construction of high-end Design & Build homes, many of them large projects. The beautiful homes Dean built during this stage of his professional life included both national and regional gold award-winners. Dean also spent time renovating historic Auckland homes, a big challenge requiring careful planning and execution, and one he really enjoyed.

The Signature Homes ethos provides Dean with the opportunity to use the extensive trade knowledge he has gained over the years to create quality homes for any budget, whether that budget be large or modest. Providing quality new home solutions for such a wide market is something Dean both enjoys and believes in strongly. He also feels that regardless of the budget, new home buyers should receive the same attention to detail and quality service, from the time they make contact with Signature right through to the maintenance performed on the home after it has been handed over to the client.

Dean's wife and business partner is Sales & Marketing Manager Amanda Pritchard. Amanda has two Bachelor degrees, in the fields of Social Science and Health Science, and has held roles in occupation therapy and at the Starship Children's Hospital. Amanda is also extremely passionate about new homes, and in particular has a love for Interior Design – an interest she shares strongly with Dean. Dean & Amanda are also parents to five children, so they certainly understand how important the right home environment can be for families!