Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Gannet Red   3 17 124
   Motutara Blue   3 15 143
   Oaia White   3 13 124
   Woodhill Black   3 15 153
   Gannet Red   3 17 124
   Motutara Blue   3 15 143
   Oaia White   3 17 124



Insure your ‘Key person(s)’ to ensure the revenue of the Company in the event of long term injury, illness or death
Provide Shareholders Protection for two or more Directors to ensure shares are dispersed correctly upon a death or disability
of a Director
Insure debt and overheads of the company to minimise loss of profits
Cover running costs of the Company and remove debt upon a Director and/or Keyperson unable to work
Provide adequate Income cover upon the Insured being disabled and unable to work
Coordinate with ACC cover to ensure both work at claim time
Reduce ACC costs to provide “the best value for money”
Provide medical cover for staff and employees as part of ‘Staff Wellbeing’


Clear your mortgage and provide Income upon death of Mum or Dad
Pay the mortgage off upon a Heart, Cancer or Stroke illness or Permanent Disability
Ensure your Income continues when there is an accident or sickness (ACC only pays just under 60% after tax and sickness
benefit approx $190 a week)
Pay your private medical costs so you don’t have to wait 2 to 3 years on the Public waiting list