Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Gannet Red   4 7 278
   Motutara Blue   4 5 332
   Oaia White   4 7 278
   Woodhill Black   4 5 362
   Gannet Red   4 7 326
   Motutara Blue   4 5 332
   Oaia White   4 3 278

Autex Industries

Autex is a New Zealand-based manufacturing and product development company specialising in textiles and advanced fibre technology. We supply a diverse range of consumer, commercial and specialty industrial products including insulation, carpet and interior acoustics to markets all over the world. Established in 1967, Autex is founded on principles of innovation and outstanding customer service and committed to maintaining accredited environmental practices. 
At Autex, we talk constantly to our customers, listening to what they need and finding ways to deliver it. As leaders in polyester products, Autex have the expertise to provide free consultation on insulation, acoustics and interior design. Autex’s experienced Account Managers and design engineers are available to work alongside architects, interior designers and facility planners to help achieve the best possible acoustic outcome for your environment.   
From manufacturing beginnings, we’ve built on our strong textile engineering base to increasingly focus on the proactive development of market-based solutions including a range of Interior Acoustic products. We have a long history of developing and adapting techniques and products specifically for the New Zealand and growing export markets, including niche products to meet specialised customer needs.