Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Gannet Red   4 3 322
   Motutara Blue   5 17 447
   Oaia White   5 15 418
   Woodhill Black   5 17 461
   Gannet Red   4 3 322
   Motutara Blue   5 17 447
   Oaia White   5 9 418

Private Residence

Private Residence will manage your rental property like it is our own - we care and we have time. Whats more our small portfolio of clients means we offer a personalised bespoke service like no other.

Full end to end residential property management - Finding tenants and building long term relationships with them is what we do best - we take great pride in matching the right tenants to the right property and being a part of their renting journey. Likewise for the owners - we enjoy building relationships and providing a superior service that means you can often forget about your investment property because it is in such good hands.

Letting service - Finding a tenant that’s right for your property can be a daunting and a time consuming task - but its what we are best at. Leave it to us and we will market, manage applications, do a full vetting process and onboard your new tenants - including lodging the bond and entry inspection for you to then collect rents and manage the tenancy moving forward.

FREE rental appraisals - Part of being a property manager is supplying rental appraisals - be it for a finance, your own interests or for other reasons like seeing if your charging market rent, we are happy to carry these out free of charge to enable to you to carry on with your strategy in the property investing world. If you would like an appraisal please get in contact for a free no obligation appraisal.